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Turtle Creek Nursery | Over 125 acres with landscaping trees, shrubs and other plant materials.

Turtle Creek Nursery sells a wide variety of shrubs and trees for local homeowners.

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Turtle Creek Nursery sells a wide variety of shrubs and trees for local homeowners. Whether you are landscaping your entire house or are searching for a particular plant, come see us! We carry many of the more popular plants, and some unique selections as well.

Most plants sold in our retail outlet have a 6 month warranty. If your purchased plants are having problems, bring us a sample. We can help identify insect problems, and some other problems that may be affecting your plants.

Turtle Creek Nursery takes pride in having our certified plant professionals on staff to help give you top quality service. Besides having the widest selection of ornamental shrubs and trees in the area, Turtle Creek Nursery also offers other services to the local homeowner.

If you’re having trouble deciding where to put a plant or tree on your landscape, a Turtle Creek nursery associate can help you with the options. Bring us pictures (or a description) and the typical conditions of an area in your yard, and we can tell you what plant would be best suited for the area.

After your purchase, we will take whatever steps are needed to ensure your plants arrive home safely. Turtle Creek Nursery can deliver (up to a 50 mile radius, within a week) your plants and trees. There will be a delivery charge that is determined by your zip code, and the size of the plants you buy. We typically deliver the week following your purchase.

Besides plants, Turtle Creek also sells the plant remedies, fertilizers, and mulch needed to keep your landscape in perfect condition. Stop by Turtle Creek Nursery to see how we can help your landscape grow!

Our retail garden center is open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, and we are open seasonal Saturdays in the Spring and Fall.

2017 Homeowner Pricing Guide by Turtle Creek Nursery*

*Sizes and prices are subject to change.

Turtle Creek Nursery | Over 125 acres of landscaping trees, shrubs and other plant materials.

Turtle Creek Garden Center Information:

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
Season Saturdays 9am-3pm (typically open March-June, September-November)

Delivery is available to the local area, and priced by zip code.

6 month warranty on most plant purchases (items on sale carry no warranty, B&B plants carry a 1/2 price warranty)

We also sell pine bark mini nuggets, pine needles, potting soil, peat moss, soil conditioner, perlite, various insecticides / fungicides, and fertilizer.

Quantity discount program based on purchases in the calendar year. See price book for more details.

We also close during inclement weather conditions throughout the year.

B&B = Balled & Burlap

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